Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ode to Lobster Bisque.

My dearest,

Is it any coincidence that the word 'bliss' can be found in the letters of your name? From our very first meeting, I knew it wouldn't be our last, and that I would never be the same. You were so hot, I knew I'd get burned, but I just couldn't wait.

There were so many times, it's hard to keep track. I've had you up and down the East Coast, rendezvoused with you on vacation, but it was never enough. Every time I had you in front of me, it was like the rest of the world just melted away. There was only you and me. Me and you. All manners went out the window and I didn't care who saw.

Baby, neither of us could have foreseen how life was about to change. I never could have imagined that you would become forbidden to me, my only temptation sprung from my only love. Is this what my life has become, that the angel on my shoulder has morphed into a tiny Soup Nazi? Maybe we should have had one last fling before it was official, but it just felt wrong. It had to be over.

I know that you'll find someone else to love you. Not as much as I did-who could?-but they will love you nonetheless. And I will see you in my dreams-


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